5 Reasons to Upgrade All Your Church Sound Systems

We constantly hear about how our culture is veering away from religiosity these days, but the facts don’t support this claim. Currently, there are over 380,000 churches in the United States—an increase of 50,000 since 1998.

However, the chances are that most of these congregations don’t have adequate church sound systems. If you think your church is lacking in the AV department, check out these reasons you should consider upgrading your equipment today.

1. Your Instrumentation Has Changed

In the old days, all a church ever needed was a nice organ and a choir. But to appeal to a modern audience, churches have been adding additional instrumentation to spice up their days of worship, and different instruments have different needs when it comes to sound equipment.

If you’ve added piano, drums, or guitars to your services, you’ll need new amplifiers, microphones, and cords and cables to meet these instruments’ demands.

2. You’ve Expanded Your Seating

Expanding your congregational seating is a good sign, but it doesn’t come without its growing pains. If you want to be sure that the people sitting in the pews all the way in the back can still hear the music, you’ll likely need to add surround-sound to your church, or perhaps get bigger speakers up front.

3. Your Current System Is on the Fritz

If you have an older sound setup, you might be the victim of the occasional glitches in your equipment. The sound might cut out for brief moments, the sound might be fuzzy, or you might be getting too much feedback from your microphones and instruments.

All of these minor problems add up to make your church service feel more unprofessional and slapped together. Of course, we know this isn’t true, but your sound equipment speaks volumes (literally!).

4. The Expectations of Your Congregation Have Changed

There are many reasons why your congregation might want, need, or expect better sound equipment from you. If your congregation has gotten older over the years, they might need additional technological help hearing your sermons and music.

If they’ve gotten younger, they might want a more immersive experience at church—one that can be easily facilitated by improved sound equipment.

5. Your Acoustics Need Help

The concept of architectural acoustics has been around since Ancient Greek times, but the hard science behind it was only discovered recently. This means that if you have an older church building, the acoustics of the place might not be up to snuff.

This is no biggie, though, thanks to aid that modern church sound systems provide. If you find that sound doesn’t travel well, all you need is some upgraded equipment.

Need Help Upgrading Your Church Sound Systems?

If you know your church sound systems are in need of an upgrade, but you don’t have the know-how to get the job done yourself, consider contacting us. One of our professionals will be able to give you the guidance you need to bring your church sound into the 21st century.