Flat Fee Services To Improve Your System

AVL House Call ~ $250

Problem: your Audio, Video or Lighting System is sick and you just don't know how to make it well. Feedback, wireless mic drop-outs, poor sound quality, blurry images and flickering or dim lights can interfere with your worship experience. Other audible symptoms like snap, crackle, pop, static, hum, occasional or constant feedback, and less-than-desirable sound quality can wreck your service. And nothing looks worse than a dull projector or numerous lights with burned out lamps that are hard to reach and difficult to replace. These problems become especially frustrating when you’ve spent thousands on equipment and it’s just not working properly.

So how do we fix it? Thankfully, many common problems can be easily diagnosed and repaired. Before you invest more money in additional equipment, call us for an AVL House Call. Our technician will come to your church, evaluate your equipment, and run some tests. We’ll fix whatever we can during our visit. If we can’t eliminate your problems right away, we’ll propose a comprehensive treatment plan. Think of it like a house call from your AVL doctor – a Check-Up from ChurchHouse AV puts your systems on the road to recovery.

Tune Up ~ Starts At $400

Worship facilities are among the most diverse and challenging spaces for sound reinforcement. High or low ceilings, large reflective surfaces and oddly-shaped rooms increase the likelihood of echoes and reverberation which decreases speech intelligibility and musicality. Improper equipment settings can also cause unwanted noise, distortion and feedback. These distractions prevent your message and music from reaching every member of the congregation clearly and directly.

Proper configuration of even the most basic sound systems, along with effective acoustic treatment, can make all the difference in the world for your sound. A Tune-Up from ChurchHouse AV just might be what you need to correct these problems. We’ll use our highly accurate measurement tools to evaluate the Loudspeaker response and Acoustics of your facility. We'll also check interconnections and if possible, make necessary repairs, and then carefully adjust your equipment settings to maximize your system’s performance for both speech and music. If you don't already own a Digital Loudspeaker Management Processor, we have numerous affordable choices to improve your sound's optimum performance.

Train Up ~ $500

Current audio technology is light years ahead of where it was even 10 years ago, and it’s becoming more sophisticated every day. A solid grasp on the principles of mixing, acoustics and signal flow is essential to properly run even the most basic sound systems, and ongoing education is needed to master the newer, more advanced concepts.

You’ve invested thousands in audio equipment – now it’s time to make sure your Tech Team has the knowledge and confidence to operate it correctly. Start by scheduling an on-site Train-Up session with ChurchHouse AV. We’ll educate your team  about the fundamentals of church sound systems, and then provide a Hands-On training session at your facility on your equipment. If your team already knows the basics, we can help advanced users learn how to configure and use a specific piece of gear, like a digital console or networked DSP processor. Our technicians are well-versed in the latest innovations from the most popular professional equipment brands.

Sophisticated equipment isn’t enough – proper understanding is the key to maximizing its potential. Trained and confident system operators can make all the difference in the sounds of your facility.