Holy Night: Tips to Prepare the Church for Christmas Eve Service

The Christmas Eve service is a tradition that millions of people look forward to each year. Though regular church attendance is uncommon for the average American family, the majority of people still plan on attending a Christmas Eve service to celebrate the holy night.

So, how can you make the most of this rise in attendance and help new guests feel welcome? Read on for tips on how to prepare your church for Christmas Eve this year:

Pick a Theme, Such as “O Holy Night”

Make the evening magical by choosing a Christmas Eve theme for the program, such as “O Holy Night.” There are so many possibilities with staging according to this theme. You could turn the stage into a nativity scene, a cozy living room with an oversized chair and faux fireplace, or a winter wonderland.

Use Christmas trees, candles, Christmas lights, artwork, props, and more.

Invite members of the congregation to contribute, which will help them feel involved and welcome. Plus, you’ll learn more about the people in your community and the talents they possess as they contribute their own artwork or handiwork to the Christmas Eve set.

Engage the Entire Family

Remember that Christmas Eve service is a time when families come together to worship, which means there will likely be young kids present. Consider providing ways to engage them as well.

A coloring book for children that helps them connect to the sermon is a great way to include them. Consider creating a live nativity scene where children are encouraged to participate.

Have the children rehearse a song weeks in advance that they can perform for the congregation. Everyone enjoys a children’s choir, especially at Christmas. Consider including visuals during your sermon to draw the attention of younger people.

If you gear your sermon toward the adult audience members but find ways to keep younger members engaged, the night will be well remembered by all.

Include Traditions

Traditions are important when planning an “O Holy Night” themed Christmas Eve worship service. Christmas carols, in particular, fill peoples’ hearts with hope and nostalgia as they reflect on years passed.

Singing Christmas songs is something that everyone can participate in, whether they’re young or old, and the good message of the gospel is shared in singing. Make the most of caroling with professional audio services so that everyone present will be able to enjoy the music.

Having a candle-lighting ceremony is another beloved tradition to participate in on Christmas Eve night. Consider having candles on stage that each member can come and light, or individual candles that people can hold to light up the room with candlelight.

If you have other traditions that your church has participated in year after year for generations, keep them alive! Traditions bond a community, especially at Christmastime.

Create a Service Opportunity

Pair up with local partners in your neighborhood to give back. Host a coat drive or canned food drive during your Christmas Eve service.

For instance, your church can pair up with Toys for Tots. By finding ways to incorporate giving and serving into your program for the evening, you’ll encourage the true spirit of Christmas.

The congregation will be drawn together in unity as they donate to others who are less fortunate during the Christmas season.

Make It Memorable

Make the holy night of Christmas Eve one that your congregation will remember and reflect on for the year to come. Let us help you with the audio and light setup so you can be sure the job will be done well.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!