How to Use a Stage Lighting Design to Enhance Your Holiday Church Service

Looking to bring new life to your holiday services at your church? Attendance is down for services across faiths, and one factor could very well be members finding themselves bored during services.

Lighting is one great way to captivate the attention of your congregation, especially during holiday services.

Interested and curious? Want to know how to avoid making bad lighting choices? Read below for some really helpful tips for improving your stage lighting design.


One Point Lighting

One point lighting is very common, so common that most people actually experience a version of it every day. How do you ask? The sun!

As the name implies, one point lighting uses a single source. It can create a natural, but sometimes dramatic look. One point lighting is useful for drawing attention to a person or an area.

This tip can be used for any main speeches by one person or when you want to draw attention to crosses or other items in your production. Be mindful of shadows that are common when used indoors though.


Two-Point Lighting

Besides unwanted shadows, one point lighting can also make people look flat or 2D. To keep lighting subtle, but showcase people in your service, two-point lighting may be the way to go.

This technique can perfectly showcase church bands on stage. While there still might be some shadowing, the levels of lighting will keep them to a minimum.


Create Zones with Stage Lighting Design

Lighting is successful when you specifically choose what to hit with light and what not to hit. One step to achieve this is to create zones on your stage. Many professionals divide the stage area into overlapping circles of about 8-12 feet.

If you have a stage that is 20 feet deep and 30 feet wide, you should aim to have around six zones. Three across the front of the stage and three across the mid/backstage.

Questioning your ability to know what setup your stage needs? There are many lighting services available that will do installations specifically for places of worship. Some offer maintenance and house calls when something goes wrong.


Focal Points

In addition to focusing light on the state, you may also want to light other areas of your church. Adding special lighting to your choir if you have one can be an excellent way to add visual interest to services.

Spotlights can highlight specific members. This is useful for solos. This type of lighting can go above, to the left, or to the right of the choir.

You may also want to provide lighting to the area where your congregation sits. Recessed lighting can provide soft lighting to help members read hymns.


Let Your Stage and Soul Shine

By taking these stage lighting design tips, your stage will shine and your congregation will be even more excited to attend services.

Do you have some other questions? Want to chat about your specific church lighting needs? Please contact us, we would love to help!