This Little Light of Mine: Church Lighting Trends That Make a Big Difference

Light has a deep history of improving the human experience. Lighting systems have improved brilliantly over the last 4,000 years, and churches are waking up to the difference new lighting trends can make for services and worship experiences.

But with so many options for church lighting out there, it can be hard to know where to start to get the most out of light.

We’re here to shine light on the answers. We’ve identified the top church lighting opportunities that make a big difference.

Why Church Lighting Matters

Light has long been associated with connection, warmth, and worship. And church lighting can go a long way in improving spiritual experiences.

New lighting trends can up the feel of ceremonies and encourage spiritual growth. They can make services run more smoothly by brightening screens or figures. Plus they can make reading or note-taking easier for members.

When looking at lighting for your church, here are some church lighting thoughts to consider.

Turning up Attention Through Lighting

Church lighting can boost a room’s composition by bringing attention to areas of note.

For most sanctuaries, focus usually goes on the altar or pulpit. That means that adding specific lighting could boost the view of speakers, worship leaders, and choir members.

To get the best results, it’s best to use at least two lighting units. This can cut down distracting shadows. It also leaves more options to set different moods for special ceremonies.

Add Layers for a Better Feel

Layered lights use church lighting in several areas to lift the overall aesthetics of a whole space.

It’s a good idea to think about the levels and placement of every bank of lights. This will give lighters the flexibility to dim walls, draw attention to special architecture, or vary the feel of a space.

Most church lighting setups focus on four main areas for layered lighting:

  • General lighting to brighten the whole space
  • Direct light for religious figures or pictures
  • Lights highlighting special architecture
  • Front lighting to draw attention to leaders or events

Light Your Church with Efficiency

Church lighting can be effective and efficient at the same time. It’s smart to consider lights that can be dimmed or lowered to improve their lifespans. It also will save energy when they aren’t needed at their full brilliance.

LED lights can be brighter and longer lasting than many traditional bulbs. They can also be softer on the eyes.

Light a Space with Expert Advice

Lighting professionals can save big headaches when upgrading church lighting.

Different churches have different goals. And consulting with the pros can make sure lighting fits a church’s specific feel.

Experts can help give advice on lighting for specific events or point out the advantages of lighting layouts.

Shining Light on More Church Upgrades

These church lighting tips can help improve the church environment. But there are lots of ways to boost a church’s appeal and feel.

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